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Studio Policies

Attendance & Cancellations

1.   Please CALL or TEXT me at 905-269-6438 if your child is ill on the day of his/her lesson. I can check text and voicemail more readily than email, although I will not reply immediately if I am teaching.

2.   Advance notice: As a courtesy to other students, if you know in advance that you will be missing a lesson, (i.e. for family vacations, religious observances or other special functions) please advise me as early as possible so that I can make arrangements for someone else to use the time slot. (this usually requires 48 hours).

3.  Cancellations by the teacher: If I have to cancel a lesson, (either due to illness or a performance or rehearsal call) I will make every effort to reschedule with you at a mutually agreeable time. If this cannot be done within a month’s time, I will refund the fee for the lesson.

4.   Cancellations by the student: There can be no refund of fees for lessons cancelled or missed by the student. It is enough of a challenge for me to reschedule a student into a different time slot during the week, particularly between 4 and 6 pm. I should not be expected to give extra time outside of my scheduled studio hours to teach students who missed their regular lesson time due to illness, sports events, family vacations, etc.

5. Rain cheques for missed lessons: I offer up to 3 opportunities per year for students to make up for missed lessons. These can usually be arranged during a time slot when another student has cancelled their lesson, or during the summer if absolutely no other time is available. Rain cheques may NOT be carried over from one year to the next.

6.  Termination of lessons: Three weeks’ notice is required if you choose to discontinue lessons.

Expectations for Suzuki parents and students

1. I expect parents of children up to approximately age 11 (gr.6) to attend the lesson, to take notes on the teaching points of the lesson, and to keep a record of the lesson assignments.

2. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CEL PHONE DURING YOUR CHILD’S LESSON. The ring of a parent’s phone is a distraction to the child and disrupts our time together. Answering calls (which invariably involves the parent leaving the room) and texting sends the child the message that you are not fully available for them and not really paying attention to them, and to the lesson. The lesson is 30 minutes of “quality time” focusing on your child. How often do you do this each day?

3. The parent of a beginning Suzuki student should ideally rent an instrument for themselves for the first year of the child’s lessons in order to be able to work in an empathetic manner with their child. This is especially important for children under the age of 5, who can be very unpredictable during lesson time. When the parent has an instrument, (s)he has the option of stepping in and taking the lesson to go through the main points for the week if the child is having a “bad day”on the lesson day.

4. The parent of a Suzuki student is their home coach and should be available to supervise the correct practicing of the lesson’s teaching points.  At home, it is the parent’s responsibility to establish a regular practice routine, including listening and reading assignments. When the student is old enough to attend lessons on his/her own, I will begin to record the lesson sssignments and ask that parents sign the weekly practice log.

5. It is a basic expectation in a Suzuki program that students attend group classes and participate in at least one concert per year. Please consider group classes as part of your family activity schedule. They are an integral part of the success of the Suzuki method.

6. Students who are unable to participate in group classes or string ensembles due to scheduling conflicts need to set other personal performance goals with me, such as Royal Conservatory exams or music festival competitions. In my experience, students without goals generally lose their motivation to practice, which leads to less progress and less success, and eventually, they quit. I am willing to discuss and set reasonable, attainable, individual goals, particularly with teenaged students, who are often ready for a more diverse curriculum than the Suzuki method provides, but who often have difficulty with time management and need some assistance to plan their practice time. Such an agreement needs to be approved and signed by a parent, due to their financial commitment to the lessons.


Personal Information:

In order for me to communicate effectively with you, I require some basic personal information for my database. This information is purely for my personal use in maintaining records and will not be shared with other businesses.

NAME OF PARENT(S): ________________________________________________________

NAME OF STUDENT: _________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE #:___________________________CEL #:_____________________________





I have read the Studio Policy and consent to the use of my personal information by the teacher for the purpose of communicating about the student.

Signed ___________________________________________ Date _______________________