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Calendar & Fees

Calendar 2019-20

Lessons this year will begin the WEEK AFTER school begins (Sept. 9-14, 2019). Lessons end the week BEFORE school ends (June 15-19, 2020).

There will be no lessons during the Christmas and Spring breaks (Dec. 23 – Jan. 4 and March 13-21, respectively), consistent with the public school closures .

I do not schedule regular lessons on statutory holiday Mondays (i.e. Thanksgiving, Family Day, Easter, & Victoria Day); however, I sometimes schedule additional lessons on these days under exceptional circumstances.

Please note: I do teach on P.A. days.

Weekly Schedule

My weekly schedule will be posted at the end of September, once lesson time slots have been determined. Please contact me to inquire about available times.


My hourly rate as of September 2019 is $50.00.

( ½ hour $25.00; ¾ hour $37.50; 1 1/4 hours $62.50; 1 1/2 hours $75.00).

Method of payment

I have divided the year into 5 terms. Number of lessons per term may fluctuate slightly depending on the day of the week (i.e. Monday students have fewer lessons due to statutory holidays). Payment for the term is due at the first lesson of the term. Post dated cheques are the preferred method of payment. E-transfer is also welcome. Please refer to my Studio Policy menu regarding absences.

Term 1:      8 lessons (Monday students have 7 lessons due to  Thanksgiving, Oct. 14)

• September 9 – November 2

Term 2:      7 lessons (Thursday students may opt to miss lessons after 5 pm on Halloween)

• November 4 – December 21

Term 3:      8 lessons (Monday students have 6 due to Family Day Feb. 17)

• January 6 – February 29

Term 4:      8 lessons (Friday & Monday students have 7 lessons – no lessons on  April 10 & April 13; Friday students may opt to miss March 13 depending on holiday plans)

  • March 2– May 2 (excluding spring break week March 13-21)

Term 5:      7 lessons (Monday students have 6 due to Victoria Day, May 21)

• May 4 – June 20

Music Lessons During School Hours

For children under age 7, I do not recommend scheduling a lesson right after school. Children this age are usually unpredictable in the late afternoon, and this will result in poor performance in a lesson where mental focus is required. If the parent has the flexibility to schedule the lesson BEFORE SCHOOL, or at some point during the day, the child is usually in a much better state of mind to concentrate and co-operate.

“A child is excused from attendance at school if, – the child is absent from school for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence does not exceed one-half day in any week” – Ontario Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER E.2, Part II, ss.21(2)(e)

Recommended lesson length

For students (ages 3 – 5 yrs) beginning Suzuki lessons with their parent: 1/2 hour lesson for the first 6 to 8 months while the parent is learning, until the child is ready to take the full half hour lesson.

Suzuki Book 1 & 2 students (RCM grades 1-3) OR older youth beginners: 1/2 hour lesson.

Suzuki Book 3 & up (RCM grade 4-8) OR adult beginners: 3/4 to one hour, depending on personal goals (i.e. exams, auditions, orchestra repertoire). For students preparing for RCM examinations (gr. 5+), one hour lessons are recommended 12 to 16 weeks prior to the exam in order to ensure coverage of technical material.